Pastor Karen Presley

Karen M. Presley functions as a Kingdom Ambassador in the Marketplace.  She is an anointed woman of God with a powerful testimony of God's grace and mercy. She is the founding pastor of Church of Zion Deliverance Ministries, Inc. and CEO of multiple businesses. She is also an inspirational speaker, certified life coach, internet radio host, mentor and accomplished author.

Pastor Karen is an end-time, apostolic-prophetic voice that God is using to awaken the church out of her sleep.  She is gifted with the living rhema word to shift God's people into their destiny.  Her apostolic mandate is to train the army of God to walk in their Kingdom authority while equipping them for Kingdom assignment.

Pastor Karen carries a foundational anointing to root out religious traditions, while pulling down and destroying all spiritual oppositions that get in the way of the plan of God.  Pastor Karen is a forerunner who is making a way for the "greater things" to come.  She is a front-line intercessor that carries a burden to see the church do the greater works.

Pastor Karen is the epitome of someone whose vision continues to inspire and empower others to trust and lean on God for direction, guidance and counsel.  Her utterance is clear, "He can take you from nothing to being a living testimony for Him."

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