The Fishing Pole in Gods Hand

By Pastor Karen Presley
I know a lot of men who enjoy fishing and see it as a relaxing time of getting away from the rat race of life.� Some people do it as a sport and become very competitive with who can catch the biggest fish.

I know a lot of men who enjoy fishing and see it as a relaxing time of getting away from the rat race of life. Some people do it as a sport and become very competitive with who can catch the biggest fish. But if you are like me, who only went fishing once, I did not touch the worm or the fish; but at least I can say I went fishing.

When I first came into ministry, I heard the Lord say, I've called you to bring order, but how do you know what is out of order? For twelve years, as I operated my printing/publishing company in Cheltenham, MD, God has used me as a sword to cut and expose things that are out of order to Him. Now, needless to say, I had no idea what was going on. All I knew was that people backed up from me and didn't really deal with me, stop talking to me, etc. In the natural it seemed like something would go wrong or they didn't like something I said or I just did not like how people were doing business and it frustrated me. I often wondered is this how they do business when they go to Staples or WalMart?   It took me 12 years to become comfortable in my skin, the oil on my life and my assignment.

Recently I heard the Lord say, I'm going fishing in the waters of your soul. Wow! When that word came forth we were excited; but, shortly afterwards, we began to see it unfold. For twelve years, God has been going fishing in the waters of our soul. Well when you go fishing, you must have BAIT if you are going to catch FISH. The fish is the thing that God is after in your soul and the bait is the thing that He allowed to expose the things that lie dormant in us.

The reason why we can go to church for years and still be none the better is because we focus more on the bait instead of focusing on the fish. Meaning people always look at what was done to them, or what was said, or why someone else did what they did or didn't do and never look at the emotion that was attached to whatever just happened. 

Have you ever had something to happen and you found yourself a week later still replaying it in your mind? Have you gone to bed and woke in the middle of the night with it on your mind? Has your mind ever been overwhelmed with internal conversation over what someone said about you or to you? Those incidents are called BAIT, the behavior and our reactions are the FISH that God wants to bring up and out of us. The only way that can happen is if we first begin to identify them and then confront them. Once you start confronting these negative behaviors and challenging yourself to change, then you can start closing the door to the enemy and begin to get victory in your life.

The holes in our soul come from one of three sources: (1) unhealed hurts; (2) unresolved issues; and (3) unmet needs. Things that were never resolved but swept under the covers are the things that grow up in us and cause holes in our soul which in turn become damaged emotions. And if we go into ministry then we end up being gifted but still wounded. So now we release muddy waters through our ministry.

God is a Repairer of the breach and a Mender of the broken. No longer see the other person, but if you begin to pay attention to your emotions and behavior and thoughts, you will begin to see the FISH that God is after in you. To help you in this process I have a coaching class called Metamorphosis and a book called It's Time to UnMask the Real You. This book and coaching session will help you walk in the REAL YOU and come out of the YOU, you became.

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