7 Steps to Wholeness

Your past and present circumstances can never limit God's plan for your life.  Your future is not "out there somewhere," it resides in you.  RIGHT NOW is the appointed time for God to heal every negative experience in your past.

The purpose of this course is to assist you in reaching the destiny that God has preordained for your life.  You must go through the process of stripping away the "old" in order to come into the "new."  As you go through this course, allow Holy Spirit to show you who you are in Christ as well as find your purpose in Him.  Our 7-Step Program is designed for you to discover where you are now, bring healing into your life, and equip you to walk into your destiny.

Through these teachings, Holy Spirit will bring to the surface hidden hurts and past disappointments.  The Balm of Gilead is still available today to heal every wound.  Our prayer, hope, and belief are that you will leave your past behind and walk into your future! 

Topics Include:

Locating Yourself  *  Understanding the Love of God  *  Overcoming Negative Emotions  *  Leaving Your Past to Discover Your Future  *  The Extraordinary Woman  *  Developing Healthy Relationships  *  Now Faith Is

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One-on-One Mentoring: DZEC offers one-on-one mentoring to women who just need someone to talk to, and someone who will help them make decisions to overcome situations that have created virtual prisons for them. We lean on the Word of God for guidance while looking to the anointing to destroy the yokes of the oppressor. (These sessions may include and offer information for referral for women who require assistance from other organizations that specialize in clinical counseling.) The personalized setting allows those being mentored to work through personal issues and develop solutions to situations and circumstances that are preventing them from growing and realizing their fullest potential.


Training Center: At DZEC's training center, we deliver training that empowers women of all ages so they too will know that they were created for destiny and that it is never too late to walk in their God-given purposes. We have licensed Ministers who can rightly divide the Word of Truth and show our clients how to apply the Word every day so they can overcome in every area of their lives.


One Day Workshops: DZEC realizes that some of our issues require natural applications. We have the ability to help women build themselves up professionally so they can move into areas where they can possess the land that God has given to them. The Bible says money is a defense, and DZEC is committed to helping women develop skills that will make them more marketable.

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