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Healing Gatherings

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The Battleground of the Mind.

The Message Untold.

Our mind is a part of our soul. Genesis 1:27 says God created us like Him, spirit; but Genesis 2:7 says he formed us from the dust and then breathed into us and made us a living soul. Our soul is comprised of 3 parts: mind, emotions and will. This is the part of us where our personality and character are shaped.  Our mind is also comprised of 3 parts: the conscious, (what I know and see), the subconscious, (the mental programs that was created by our experiences/ the autopilot part of us), and the unconscious (that place where we got stuck and became numb to the pain it left behind).

This is the mandate of INNER HEALING!!! (Click Here for more)

7 Steps to Wholeness

Your past and present circumstances can never limit God's plan for your life. RIGHT NOW is the appointed time for God to heal every negative experience in your past. The purpose of this course is to assist you in reaching the destiny that God has preordained for your life. You must go through the process of stripping away the "old" in order to come into the "new." Our 7-Step Program is designed for you to discover where you are now, bring healing into your life, and equip you to walk into your destiny.

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Transforming From the Inside Out