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7 Steps to Wholeness

Your past and present circumstances can never limit God's plan for your life.  RIGHT NOW is the appointed time for God to heal every negative experience in your past.  The purpose of this course is to assist you in reaching the destiny that God has preordained for your life. You must go through the process of stripping away the "old" in order to come into the "new." Our 7-Step Program is designed for you to discover where you are now, bring healing into your life, and equip you to walk into your destiny.

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DZEC is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, community-based, multi-cultural, Christian outreach ministry committed to providing services to people who are secretly hurting. What makes us different is that we cater to the population that has gone unnoticed. Many programs are catered to aid people who are physically bruised, bound by substance abuse or homeless. But there are many everyday people who are church-going, family-oriented, career-oriented, and nicely dress but secretly hurting. We minister to the core of the hurt through the Word of God. We also empower and equip women to know that they have a purpose and can walk in it.

Transforming Lives From The Inside Out!

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